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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Societal Decay

All of us, rich and poor, are at the decay of our society. We have stained our environment and misused our social systems to the point where society's continued existence is very much in doubt. The

continuing effects of global warming, overpopulated cities, growing hunger and poverty will tear apart the very foundation of civilization. Disorder and war such as the world has never seen will sweep across the face of this planet.

Then it will be too late to amend our ways. To late to heal ourselves. Our best in what our science and technology can offer us is lost in the bloodshed. No elements of society can be found. Society destroyed by human hands.

This is the reality we must avoid.. We must preserve society with our strength and wisdom against human nature- poverty, hunger, ignorance and despair.

We must try to win this war. If we do not, the end is at hand and legacy we pass on to our offsprings will be endless chaos and bloodshed.

New update: We are at the end of 2010, we are currently facing growing stockpile of nuclear weapons, racial intolerance and economic deprivation in addition to the above crises. If we are to survive as a species, then we must confront these issues. We cannot pin our hopes on superstitious speculation of our past ancestry.

Author's note: I reworded this essay in what Ben Bova had to say about our decay of society. The Venus Project proposed such solution to our problem at hand.

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