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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Windows 7 still sucks?

And Vista is a lot better. Even though, Microsoft rework the memory processes to run efficiently, it is still a memory hog!(Now the minimum memory is a gig)
1) Boot times are still the same as Vista
2) Simple file operations take longer under Windows 7 than in Vista

It will be awhile til Windows 7 catches up with XP's compatibility. Do you really want Windows 7 to have the same compatibility? It will also mean getting the same virus infestations as well.

Your best bet is buy new version of your favorite software if you can afford it. On the plus side, the new version will have more of the bugs work out of it.
You see Vista's security is built on a new file system as well restrict low level processes (such as Starforce application) that take over your system.

I can still run older application like DVD shrink because it does not secretly steal memory resources like Starforce.

Or you can just learn linux?


  1. Yep, It's a PC and It will forever suck something ... Asses, Donkey's, Sheep and Little Bitty Penguins.

    Unless of course you hack some flavor of X then it will run pretty darn nice ... Of Course They Then Call It A HackinTosh

    Every iteration of Windows just gets worse. With Seven, it appears someone had a fascination with Mepis-Linux. Cloned what doesn't work in SImply-Mepis.

    Amazing, XP Pro SP3, Finally had descent Wireless Networking (not nearly as good as X, but ok), Now in Seven it's Well Past Fucked UP.

    Something Near FooBar ...

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  2. Windows 7 is just a knockoff of X. If you want a stable interface of X, Elive Zeitgeist is just for you!