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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why are we ignorant?

1) Corporate controlled media keeping us delusional.

2) Believing that politics solves problems. Will technology solve our woes?

3) Materialism- filling our void with stuff

Face reality that capitalism is a failed experiment. Realize that economic growth is a pipe dream.

4) We are driving most species to extinction by building in their homes faster than natural climate change.

tangel476: Do you think that Americans will give up their frivolous hedonism and search for spiritual truth?

Tish: Hell noooooo......remember in Bible broad is the road to destruction...
Americans love gluttony and destruction...period....VERY FEW WILL ASCEND!

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  1. It's a very bleak view but I tend to agree with you.

    Best I can offer is have a little faith. There are many out there who are trying to make a difference for no altruistic reason.

    There are many out there who are finding peace and inner tranquility over the simple things in life - money and material stuff aside.

    Do your bit to push that kind of way of life, spread your reverence and respect for life by setting an example and making it clear to others. Maybe it just might catch on.