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'As we acquire knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible but more mysterious.' - W. Durant That statement will also apply to moi 2. "Our Identities are the essence of what we are" - Elizabeth Haydon

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why reputable journalists do not talk too much?

They ended up dead like Vince Foster, William Cooper, and David Kelly.

William Cooper was the only man who had all the pieces of the puzzle. Sadly our future is gone due to his assassination by the US government. He knew our technological capability as well as our government involvement in illegal drugs.

So give John Perkins a break. If he told too much to the public, then the corporate jackals would come after him. To find out where whistleblowers are coming from, one should read the books that motivate them. Sadly their books are rarely available to buy or check out from the public library.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Why atheism?

1) In reality, as atheists never quit pointing out that few conflicts have caused so much worldwide turmoil in the course of human history over religious differences.

2) Millions and millions of Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, agnostics and atheists practice the love of Jesus Christ commands us to live out with more conviction than many so-called Christians.

3) The fact is that more crime have been committed by zealots in name of God, Jesus, or Mohammad than in the name of Lucifer.- observation taken from Carl Sagan page 160
'The Demon Haunted World'

Friday, December 17, 2010

Agenda of Wikifakes

Sadly to say, reputable journalists like John Pilger get caught in the drama of fake news. Please move on folks!

Most used cars salesmen have straighter faces than Julian Assange. His facial expression and tone do not match his sincerity in what he is saying to us.

'Many intelligence reports in war are contradictory; even more are false, and most are uncertain.'- Richard L Russel

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why the Venus Project will not be our near future?

1) Today's society is slow to change.
2) Our society has strict social codes and boundaries.
3) Our society is fragmented and full of conflicts.
4)Great interests and social institutions that they have controlled the resources patrimony of the humanity. This in agreement with the wars, the hunger, the poverty, the slaughter by oil and territory. A group who criticized all radical change far from which we can imagine because it fears to them to the change. A powerful group in agreement with the equitable and little unjust establishment in which we lived all.
5) Americans are stupid and narrow-minded unlike our European counterpart who are open-minded.

The Venus Project is built on these principles:
1) A transformation or transition will bring about great change on a societal scale.
2) A transformed society will be based on unique cultural diversities not on monetary gain. We can achieve this goal by overcoming our prejudices and ignorance between one another.
3) People will come together to solve unique problems.

How do we ascend ourselves rather than impose our moral, religious, or philosophical beliefs on others when 3rd World Nations believe that our nation is a tyrant that oppress freedom?

'Man's social ingenuity, so barely won over so long a time and still so incomplete, has not yet
demonstrated a clear capacity for resolving the very dangers that social evolution has itself produced' - W. Moore "Social Change"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why joining political parties is not a hot idea?

Joining these groups might be ideal to your social status but actually lower your standing in the community. Conservative vultures or liberal wolves will either take advantage of you socially and economically.

Unfortunately, Both Republicans and Democrats equally shared the moral decline of our generation. We must accept responsibilities for our actions.

Joining any pyramidal structure is not wise in your ascension to power. Who wants to live in a psychometric wasteland? Unbalanced political dynamics always led to chaos.

Conservatives- talk too much about the past(good example is CMC)

Liberals- believed in changes but not within their core structure(good example is Booz Allen)

Both exhibited deluded modes of thinking.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Xbox 360 is an evil spybox

Kinect system update for the xbox slows down your system. According to Alex Jones, the Kinect can monitor and record your voice and image. I think that the update just activated its spychip. Its firmware prevents cheaters from cheating online. So anything is possible these days.

Still like the xbox?

How to deal with disinfo?

Think about it, you hate groups of people who 1) maintain secret societies bent on controlling the masses 2) misinform the masses and 3) make dissertations with no basis in fact.

Beliefs allow a brain to stop functioning, a non functioning brain is clinically dead. Beliefs are dangerous. Believe nothing.

Keep away from conspiracy that has speculative or 'laughable' evidence

The real issues are:
diet soda
37 wars
UFO conspiracy
deadly chemotherapy
lies of HIV
misuse of nuclear energy
artificial esctasy

Are we deaf and blind not to see this Nazi lunacy?

SOURCE: Infowars message board

Sunday, December 5, 2010

How companies make a profit these days?

American companies boost their employees' morale by giving them important titles instead of money.

Store clerks have become product specialist, retail consultant, sales counsellor, customer service associate, sales representative, or sales associate.

Cashiers have become hospitality representative.

Teachers have become educators.

Secretaries have become personal assistants, executive assistants, or administrative aides.

Family doctors have become primary care providers.

Manicurists have become nail technicians.

Magazine photographers have become photojournalists.

Bounty hunters have become recovery agents.

Retail store security people have become loss prevention managers.

Garbagemen have become sanitation engineers.

Janitors have become custodial engineers.

Customers have become clients so that companies can charge them more.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ponder this!

'Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.'

'Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.'

His thoughts on conspiracy theories

'Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.'

Then physicists invented the theory of parallel universes. Then along comes great science fiction novels.

"One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years. To read is to voyage through time."

Good reason to stick with older books

'I consider it an extremely dangerous doctrine, because the more likely we are to assume that the solution comes from the outside, the less likely we are to solve our problems ourselves.'

Don't rely on God or aliens to save you. If they do exist, they will just observe us doing something counterproductive and write us off as failed experiment.

'Science is a way of thinking much more then it is a body of knowledge.'

'Science is based on experiment, on a willingness to challenge old dogma, on an openness to see the universe as it really is'

The internet connects us with the insight and knowledge of the greatest minds that ever were, with the best teachers, drawn from the entire globe and from all our history, to instruct us, and to inspire us to make our own contribution to the collective knowledge of the human species. I think the health of our civilization is depended upon our awareness about the workings of our society that the internet is not infected with disinformation from religious, political and economic institutions.

Problems do not go away by pouring money into them. They will remain forever a barrier to the growth and development of technology.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why 'red' cars sux?

It is not the make of cars that everyone assumes but the 'color' of the car.
You see the color 'red' emits a magnetic anomalies.

I owned (3) red cars in my lifetime:
86 Nissan Pulsar
2000 Chevy Prizm
and 86 Ford F-250
They all burned out the alternator and had numerous electrical problems.


How far does one go for the pursuit of conquest?

'Since the hour of its inception, our empire has been predicated on tyranny. Territory and resources have been seized by force of arms, dissent crushed and made criminal, loyalty secured through intimidation. War is an inefficient means to an end. It leaves ruin in its wake, resources expended for naught, lives taken and given in vain. It is the most egregious form of waste known to sentient beings, and, like all waste, it is illogical.'- Spock's speech on the reflection of war,

taken from The Sorrows of Empire

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How NPR warps your mind

1) a lot of centrists and liberals listen to NPR and think they are getting the truth, and NPR delivers far from the truth

2) The other thing NPR is real good at is talking around an issue, without actually dealing with diverse opinions about it

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yesterday's Wisdom

I started to read older books.

Melissa Rossi does not cut it anymore...too many inaccuracies in her research.
Peter Joseph still got lots to learn about this world. But I admire his courage to take on the corrupted system.

The hypocrisy of Stephen Hawking ceases to amaze me. He calls UFOs the work of quakes and weirdos and then he cites the possibility of time travel and parallel universes another thing.

Good writers are popular in various countries. Be wary of writers that are not popular in certain countries. There are many writers today that tell you something but have a slick agenda that you find out later... which is too late.

Watch out for Steve Martini; his novels contain slick liberal agendas!

Writers that I like are:
Paul Erdman- telling it like it is; you know he went to jail for it.

George Carlin- his witty commentary on the nature of reality. His books are more insightful than his comedy acts.

Carl Sagan- his rational reasoning on everything. Like Sagan, Clive Cussler draws conclusion form ancient history; our ancestors are no dummies! Craig Dirgo, Jack Du Brul, and Dale Brown are good reads recommended by Clive Cussler.

Graham Hancock- does not go overboard when writing about ancient history. His Indiana Jones writing style inspire you to learn more about history.

Ursula K Le Guin- the immortal wisdom of her poetic writings. Her visionary is similar to of Ben Bova

Jacques Ellul discloses that all politicians are liars in 'Propaganda'
The true works of propaganda are from George Orwell and HG Wells.

One thing I like about older books is their low cost to read. You will either find them in your local library or used book store. When their copyright runs out, they are freely available to download at manybooks.net.  If we have another collapse, printed books will become very valuable.  Good reason to own hard copy of these books.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why the US is losing?

1) 'Today's global population is held hostage to the dynamics of political competition and political succession in an imperial republic.'- Walden Bello

2) 'Iraq is going to suck the oxygen out of everything.'- Colin Powell

Obviously, he knew that invading Iraq was a bad idea.

3) 'Historians will someday have to explain why the golden age of Western democracy, like the Age of Antoines, lasted only about 200 years.'- Richard Rorty

4)'Societies and regimes driven by ideas and objectives opposed to characteristically American ones will persist in the world and remain a source of international friction'- Steven Lambakis

5) Excessive pride in its military capability and its technology drain the United States economically as well as politically while trying to exploit Iraq's oil resources.

6) Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq cost the US $5 billion per month.
(Our wars are putting us deeper in debt)

US Hegemony is not sustained on the power of reason. In the case of Iraq, it was
based on propaganda trail of forgery, plariarism, and outright concoction that the media refused to question. The nation rebuilding was built on the foundation of
falsehood and fabrication. Few will believe any promises that the US hold up to the
light. Let's see how far the US will fulfill them.

Social Contract of the NWO

Section I: I will surrender a percentage of my property to the Government. Also I will apply for a Government identification number that I will use in all my major financial transactions

Section II: I will surrender my freedom for a period of time when the Government demand it.

Section III: I will only consume those drugs permitted by the Government. Also I will limit my sexual activities as permitted by the Government.

Section IV: The Government will permit me to find employment subjecting to the limits that restrict my choice of career or wages I may accept.

Section V: The Government will permit me to reside in the area of North America.

Section VI: The Government will protect my life and my property. I agree not to hold the Government liable if it fails to protect me or my property.

Section VII: The Government will determine which candidates I may vote. I agree not to hold the Government liable if their candidates break my best interests or promises.

Section VIII: I agree that the Government may hold me fully liable if I fail to abide by the above terms. In that event, the Government may confiscate any property that I have not previously surrendered to it. I also agree that the Government may alter the terms of this contract at any time.

Sign it and be happy. The social model of 'Free Planet' and the Venus Project look pretty good. If there is no money, there is no need for jobs.

We need to recreate this world without money not create a new world with money.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why I started this blog?

I was silenced by the largest corporation. There are certain corporations who do not share empathy with human race. They keep secrets to perpetuate their power. At the same time, they support other organizations that makes them look good in the public eye. Behind every good good cause, lies a dark agenda.

Don't expect me to know everything since I used to work for them. I am just as clueless as you are.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Why waste money on video card?

When you can settle on the superior capability on today's integrated graphics. The latest complain I hear about today's reliability on video cards is that they burn out too quickly.

When shopping for a computer, check to see what powers your graphic capability. If it is Intel, then it is basically a linux machine. Hopefully you are lucky and it is equipped with Nvidia 6150SE. It wont play the latest game but it will play 'Most Wanted' just fine. Also it has very good video encoding ability, in which I prefer to do my video editing.

Another thing you do not need is a new power supply. Waste more electric energy than needed.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Reasons for this blog

(A) Human knowledge by others is essential to human survival
(B) Humanity is in danger if no one dares to tell the truth
(C) Humanity's survival does not depend on political, religious, economic, or social institutions
(D) Our survival depends on our unique diversity:

(1) our wisdom
(2) informed consciousness
(3) joining useful movements to society at large
(4) not joining nonproductive movements such as anti-war groups, zany environmental groups and political parties

Great Wisdom by the Great R. Buckminster Fuller

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reengineering America, the failed experiment

1) Giving more money at the taxpayers' expense to companies with secret agendas.

2) Giving more money of the taxpayers to finance bankrupt car companies to manufacture more shitty cars.

3) socializing our medical care; ending up with rationed healthcare just like the Soviet Union. Way to go, Obama!

What's next?

According to social scientist, Dr Michael Hammer, reengineering attempts have a 50% success rate. Radical changes are harder to accept unless they are good ones.

'Life is no straight and easy corridor along
which we travel free and unhampered,
But a maze of passages,
But always , if we have faith,
A door will open for us,
But one that will ultimately prove good for us' - AJ Cronin

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why the Iphone sux?

1) can't play music without itunes

2) can't play flash videos despite WiFi capability

3) the glamour of owning a Iphone is fading away. Now users want to own a ebook reader.

I prefer surfing on the internet with a real computer either a desktop or laptop. Besides you can get a cheap laptop for around $300 and it will have more capabilities. So if you looking for mobile device to play music and videos, settle for a smartphone such as a Pantech P7040.

With expandable memory slot, you can play mp3s, wmas, and mp4s files on your phone. You get a bigger screen than a Sony media player. You can also take pictures and videos.

Using expandable memory cards is much quicker route to have music and videos on your mobile device without utilizing the cellphone's slow network and excessive data charges. In some cases, you can get a free smartphone when you sign up for 2 year contract with some provider.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Art of Deception

'Dressing up is inevitably a substitute for good ideas. It is no coincidence that technically inept business types are known as "suits".' -Paul Graham

'Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it' -Eisenhower

'Ah, this is obviously some strange usage of the word "safe" that I wasn't previously aware of'
- Douglas Adams

' No one is interested, until you make a mistake...'

'The best minds are not in government. If any were, businesses would hire them away.'
- Ronald Regan

(Editor's note: That will explain why most business consultants are clueless today.)

'Ideas not coupled with action never become bigger than the brain cells they occupied'
- Arnold H Glasgow

Otherwords, ignorance breeds stupidity.

'Consultancy is charging big money for corporate advice'

'Me? In love with a pig? Wait til I tell the guys in marketing.' -Kermit the Frog(1984)

'I wish all the people who have trouble communicating would just shut up.' -Tom Lehrer

'Going to work for a large company is like getting on a train. Are you going 60 mph, or is the train going 60 mph and you're just sitting still?' - J Paul Getty

'Business is a good game- lots of competition and a minimum of rules. You keep score with money.'
- Nolan Bushnell

'As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it.'
- Dick Cavett

Putt's Law
'Technology is dominated by 2 types of people; those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand.'

'People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history.' - Dan Quayle

'Far from idleness being the root of all evil, it is rather the only true good.'
- Soren Kierkegaard

The true nature of this blog is to highlight the BS of businesses as well as other walks of life with witty quotes from wise people. Virtually every large company has a mission statement that describe their values or ethnic of doing business with one another. Most sensible people know this is BS. In reality, most corporate entities cannot take harsh criticism, are accused of leading the double standards, and profit from endless lies and deception.

Fact or Fiction?

The logic of the Stern-Magnusson Equation could be Mankind's salvation to a better future.
It predicts earthquake and tsunamis,found hidden oil reserves and abolished city traffic jams.
Or it is just a pipe dream?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Invisible Empire decoded

6 months ago, I was browsing at a used bookstore and came across a book that revealed a shocking secret.

The goals of financial capitalism was to create a world system to dominate each country and economy as a whole to a small group of elite men and women. I was shocked in what I read. I wished that it was fiction. The reality is that we are heading for World War III and global slavery.

The apathy and indifference of the American people to the suffering, torture, misery, bondage, and death of millions and millions of Muslims worldwide and may be the greatest tragedy to come.

It is very obvious that the US destroys other cultures and blames it other Western countries. Are we in a state of decay or transitioning to another level wiping out the oldest culture from the face of this planet? When the White Man came to this North American continent, they nearly wiped out the Indians and Spanish. Now American imperialism is doing the same to Muslims in their lands.

When one society assimilates another society, their culture is shattered and cannot form a functioning society due to lack of ideology and spiritual cohesive. Spreading democracy to Middle Eastern countries was the biggest mistake that the US made. Instead of reinforcing American values, they(Muslim countries) undermine them. We should learn to embrace some of the principles of Islam for peaceful coexistence.

'the real cause, the effective one, that makes men lose power is that they have become unworthy to exercise it.' -de Tocqueville 1970[1893]

'The core claim, on which Kennedy's argument hinges, is that if too large a proportion of the state's resources is diverted from wealth creation and allocated instead to military purposes, then that is likely to lead to a weakening of national power over the long term'
-Kennedy 1987, p.xvi

'The logic of the overstretch hypothesis is that as a nation's moneys are unproductively spent for military purposes instead of being ploughed into productive investments, its economy will be starved of new capital and it efficiency and productivity will erode.'

'The paths of evolution of the ascending states become blueprints for progress which other states sought to recapture.'

'the key to the rise of great powers-and to the establishment of world orders-still lies in the moral influence which the pre-eminent state exerts on other great powers.'

'a state would have to found and protect a world order that was universal in conception, not an order directly expressing the interests of one state but an order that most other states could find compatible with their interests given their different levels of power and lesser abilities to change that order. The less powerful states could live with the order even if they could not change it.' -Cox 1982 p.45

Other words, the state does not express the interests of any particular class; rather the greater interests of all of society.

The art of propaganda has always been a necessary skills of political leaders to exercise over international public opinion. Former CIA officer John Stockwell asserts that the federal government not only uses foreign crises to divert attention from domestic woes but creates new ones to reinforce its legitimacy.(eg. the Muslim bogeyman, Al Qaeda)
[see Winners of the Info War for more details]

An excellent book on the reality of the New World Order:


Friday, September 10, 2010

The world is going down the toilet...

It is not unheard of when people says that the world is falling apart. Even in strong economies, we still steal from one other, wars still rages on over mineral rights, and cybercrime still rages on somewhere around the world.

Then when the money dries up...

What anchors our happiness? How do we know how strong is our foundation?
We achieved so many things, but yet our rate of innovation is slowing. We enjoy our high standard of living but complain more than our ancestors. We are so rich but we lack the knowledge to better ourselves and to solve problems. There are still depraved people in this world...enough said.

Who will save the day? Unfortunately, no one in this society has the knowledge to do so.
Openness is the key. Open our doors and showing others who we are; not how big our guns are!
There is no single program to implement global growth and understanding. The real knowledge is our life experience not the indoctrinated crap you get from college.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

XP users are becoming bores

I started to noticed that Vista users are calling XP users bores. Come on, that operating system is 8 years old. It has so many vulnerabilities that the hackers know the operating system inside and out.

It is time to upgrade or move on to linux. For newbies out there, I would recommend you 2 distros: Ubuntu and Mepis 8.5. Both are free and have low system requirements if current system cannot run Vista or Windows 7.

Ubuntu is open source windows. It incorporates a lot of automated process to make your linux experience easier without touching the terminal display. Mepis 8.5 interface is similar to Vista without the bloatware. Mephis can run on 200 mb of ram vs half a gig for vista. Mephis includes all the multimedia codecs in its distro unlike Ubuntu.

Both include help documentation within the operating system just like Windows.
If you need additional help, then go to their own online forum. Do not use google for linux support because they are both unique distro in their own way.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why Businesses are failing?

A favorite read by business consultants in Fortune 500 world is 'Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything'. It dictates that social media become a source of innovation, new products and improved services for a whole range of companies. It says companies need a strategy for harnessing this kind of human capital power.

The value of online networks have only promote information to individuals. The social entrepreneurship movement offers a new avenue for social change by conceiving organizations to run smoothly. Many organizations are run like welfare programs to be successful. Their flaw is client based not member participation which fails to empower people beyond their own employees.

There are 3 points that keep companies from being profitable:
1) Wealthy, powerful corporations use the rest of us like disposable toys covering up their crimes with pretty pictures, shiny surfaces, murder and dooming their own children to lives of slavery and whoredom.

2) The marketing and advertising industry continues its tireless work of populating our minds with absurd logos, concepts, lies, and cliches of universal capitalism.

3) Split up design engineers from the manufacturing personnel and you will end up with bad designs.(eg. Government Motors)

The solution is independent and open-source artform that can save us from the final chapter of world imperialism.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Power corrupts!

It looks like the Democrats are becoming the Republicans. Isiah Berlin's analysis of the corruption of power as he wrote Karl Marx's biography:

'We believe power corrupts those who wield it as much as those who are forced to obey it. Under its corrosive influence, some become greedy and ambitious tyrants, exploiting society in their own interest, or in that of their class, while others are turned into abject slaves.'

Read a short synopsis of 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell here:

Animal Farm

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Characteristics of a Snob

While playing NFS Shift, I noticed that the Honda Civic Si and Infiniti G35 made similar engine sound, a pathetic whining noise. I knew a couple of chaps that own both cars. They started off with the civic and then saved enough money to get the Infiniti G35. In actual reality they went from a VTEC 4 cylinder to a V6 piece of crap.

The reason why they bought the G35 was because it was the cheapest V6 sport coupe. You pay in what you get for was certainly the case in this situation. In otherwords, you are what you drive. All the people I know who are Infiniti owners worked at snobbish consulting firms. Don't believe me, check out the parking garage at the consulting firms.

The Nissan 370Z is a fine sport automobile. Its engine is more powerful, by driving it on a stretch of the Nurburgring and I achieved a slightly higher top speed than the G35. I like the body style better b/c it sort of remind me of the Bugatti Veyron. I wonder who came up with the design first?

More snobbish nonsense:

VW owners believed that their cars are more superior than Hyundai. Guess what? They are not because Hyundai utilize the same cheap parts as them. Let's look at 2 popular VW models:
2008 Scirocco and 2006 Golf GTI

Scirocco sound a lit bit winey than the Golf but it has faster acceleration. The Golf GTI seems to have higher gear ratio for top speed. Both cockpit interior are boring like GM cars.
My recommendation is go for the Hyundai line of vehicles, they are more refined products. Koreans know how to build a car.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Analysis of Alex Jones' interview with Peter Joseph

While I was listening this interview unfold between these two people, I noticed that Alex Jones defends himself with his religious beliefs in how the world ought to be. Guess what? It is not going to happen. You have to find the root cause of it. It also seems to me that Alex Jones read too many dark science fiction stories to doubt the Venus Project's goals.

Towards the middle of the interview, both seems to find a common ground. They both know there is something wrong with this world. People need to wake up to make positive changes to this world, not rely too much on the Obama nonsenses. The world is filled with too much corruption and the education system is a joke. The Elites will lie to say our current system is working.

Possible solution: Technology is our savior. Need to use the scientific method to better our lives. There is really no proof that technology can really benefits us.(eg. hi-tech weaponry and meaningless entertainment)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Screw Americans!

They are the ones that encourage and slaughter millions of Iraqis for corporate oil profits. Here is my tribute video for the fallen ones:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Secrets of the Vast Machine

*your sanctuary is their commercial enterprise
*interconnected structure that will create obedient workers and trained consumers
*political slogans have become code words for different cultural and economic groups
*history is a puppet show for childish minds
*distractions is to keep people happy (eg. antidepressant drugs, debt, and television screens)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Reality of the NWO

To my opinion, there relies closer to the doomsday scenario of existence of black helicopter, strange war games and underground detention facilities. It also brings up the possibility of complex multilevel bureaucracy that follow secret agendas and contingency plans for disaster management. It sounds like a fascist coup d'etat which is frightening enough in itself.

We need to be on guard against the abuse of our civil rights by uncompassionate corporate elites that would sacrifice the many to preserve the few. Sadly these scum sucking parasites exploit the work of Tesla. They used his technology to manufacture beam generator weapons as revealed by Paul A Laviolette, a French astrophysicist. [Chapter 6 from 'Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion'] Lets look to see who are these corporate elites:

Northrup Aerospace
EADS(European Aeronautic Defense and Space)
French firm Thompson-CSF
and the possible 7 North America counterparts:
Boeing Aerospace
BAE Systems
Lockheed Martin
Booz Allen and Hamilton inc
and Jet Propulsion Laboratory
form the 10 principle "military" companies of the planet!

Before we jump to conclusion concerning NWO plans, we must weigh the facts in soberly light. Other words, world economies do not collapse because of them but a flaw in the system.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Signs of Indoctrination

1. Confusion- Teachers teach too many facts and not enough connections which show the large picture in how things work together.

2. Class position- Children are grouped into classes based on 'intelligence'(special needs, average, or gifted)

3. Indifference- Teachers demand that students get highly involved in a lesson for 50 minutes and when the bell rings, forget about it and go to the next class.

4. Emotional dependency- Teachers and higher authorities decide everything for students

5. Intellectual dependency- Teachers decide what will be taught and when and how it will be taught.

6. Provisional self-esteem- Students are constantly judged and evaluated.(another reason for the Columbine massacre)

7. Students have no private time or space.

Taken from 'Dumbing Us Down' by John Gatto

Keep in mind that Public schools mold human minds into submission to continued our system of exploitation and oppression.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Winners of Info War

When we are fooled into believing the battle over information is a battle over our reality, we have already lost the war. Television, radio, magazines and even this little blog are all one way distribution of content. We are just merely recipients of programming.

Interactive media such as computer games and most websites are simply simulation of free choice. The creator of such simulation is no longer present. Novels, music, movies and video games are all great storage media. The enduring values of many cultures passed down from generation to generation.

Communications is the science of influence. Mass communication is the study of how governments and corporations can manipulate their population- the so-called 'sheeple'. The tools they employ are rhetoric, the ancient art of mind control and propaganda, the modern science of control.

Characteristics of propaganda:
1) influence in how economy runs(gives the illusions of changing masters)
2) When individuals are caught in conflicting opinion, the latter choses the public opinion. This dictates in how a mass society works.

The development of advertising can be best understood by which marketers find ways to attack our sense of well-being. It quickly became about creating needs rather than fulfilling them. Commercials took form of coercive marketing scams. Television requires a passive captive audience to fall for its programming. A remote control allows escape from coercive advertising.
Unfortunately, advertisers developed a new set of coercive techniques, winking.
Winking is acknowledging that there's an idiot out there that will fall for our trick but not traditional advertising scams.

Cyberspace posed an even greater threat to culture's programmers. From the beginning, it was a true communication medium until intelligence contractors replace communication with disinformation. Youtube and other video sharing websites bought live newscast from the people to the world. Most of it is not censored in anyway. Those in power in our society work very hard to resist change. If we select our information with mouse clicks instead of a TV remote, then we have won the info wars.

The Truth of the Mainstream Media

The US major media and much of the minor media are not free and independent as they claim and are not the watchdog of democracy. They are the lapdog of the national security state. They help to reverse the roles of victims and victimizers, warmongers and peacekeepers, and reactionaries and reformers. Their first atrocity against the people is against the truth.

As George Carlin once said, 'Enjoy your snooze!'

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Anarchism Understood

are 2 people healthier than one person? are 2 wiser?
then why believe they have more rights? why believe the rights of one
are less important? history's sadness is that sanity, wisdom , justice-
the very qualities that make us human- are not additive, while one's
brute animal ability to do another injury is. 2 people are,
tragically, stonger than one. stripped to naked truth, that is the
basis for all government, dictatorial or democratic. can we not do better?
-Sequoyah Guess

Institutions always lie, and the bigger the institution, the bigger the lie.
-Guiding Principles, The Cult of Anarchy

a statist system — whether of a communist, fascist, Nazi, socialist or ‘welfare’ type — is based on the … government’s unlimited power, which means: on the rule of brute force. … Under statism, the government is not a policeman, but a legalized criminal that holds the power to use physical force in any manner and for any purpose it pleases against legally disarmed, defenseless victims.
-Ayn Rand

The evils of the protecting-duty, may undoubtedly be graduated by compromises, like those of every other species of tyranny, but the folly of letting in some tyranny has in all ages been fatal to liberty. A succession of wedges, though apparently small, finally splits the strongest timber. ~John Taylor of Caroline, Tyranny Unmasked

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Age of Fascism

'In the information economy, companies realize their money-making goal by trying to own information via patents, trademarks, copyrights, nondisclosure agreements, and other means. In fact, information is guarded to such an extent that when one visits an information-technology company, sometimes one cannot avoid the impression that all these locks protecting information make the building similar to a maximum-security prison' - Taken from 'The Hacker Ethic'

'Nobody thinks twice about a programmer who sleeps until dinnertime and works all night. How do you think the consulting field got so big in the early 90s? A vampire here, a vampire there; next thing you know, banking, mortgages, and techs are being run by us. - Daniel M Hoyt

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thoughts to ponder

Here something to you all, corporate drones:

'I, there's no ... in team
a cringeworthy depiction of the undesirability of individualism in teamwork. There is, however, an 'i' in 'initiative'- in fact, there are four of them, so chew on that, you dull little sheep.' - Diane Law

'We explain to our children that true history is yet to be written,--the story of those who have died, unknown, in the effort to aid humanity to greater achievement.'
- Sebastian Faure

'a machine cannot become a human, but a human being can become more machine-like' - Arthur Koestler

To understand parallel worlds, there are endless possibilities to embrace.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Points of the Matrix

Point #1: The entire universe is binary which gives us the possibility of parallel worlds. Our parallel selves exist on the other side until it merges with our true selves in 2012.

Point #2: The reptilian class considered themselves as a superior race and humans as a slave race. Noticed today how lucky some people are granted leadership ability but lack a compassion to others. In reality they are not human.

Point #3: There are other sentient life forms on Earth but we were blinded at birth to see them. We were trained to see only the 3rd dimension but not beyond.

Point #4: Many ancient tribes were explaining to Westerners that since the beginning of time we are located at the lower planes ruled by various Entities. According to Jordan Maxwell, someone is guiding your life and you do not even know about it.

Point #5: Throughout the centuries, Elitists have conceived a devious agenda planned for the rest of humanity. Who will face them?

Points #6: लेय्लिनेस अरे इन्विसिब्ले नेटवर्क ऑफ एनेर्ग्य ठाट लिंकेद तोगेथेर नेक्सुस पॉइंट्स ठाट मोवे कोन्स्किऔस्नेस्स बेत्वीन दिमेंसिओंस।

Point #7: This is not the first Golden Age but time of shift. The energy of the cosmos actually helps a person to find Higher Truth. Once the time passes by without enlightment, it will cycle again after death and partial memory loss. The last Golden Age was a time of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Point #8: Today's youth withstand heavy bombardment of mind control and degradation. They either become stronger or face early termination if the mental and physical poisoning of the Elite still continues.

Point #9: Politics is a sham. The elites continue to play it while the masses fall for it.

Point #10: When you wake up if you ever do, whole system collapses.

Point #11: Internet flicks such as Zietgeist and other youtube documentaries can inform modern soldiers of Elitist's internal plots and other black ops projects.

Point #12: We are a unique blend of diversities and religion keep us divided from sharing our perspective on life.

Point #13: Modern research tells us anyone on the left is insincere. Guess who is running the show now?

Point #14: Elitists are using rap music to destroy the mental and physical moral of a listener.

Point #15: Religion has warped believer's mind with absurdities and imbalance of fear.

Point #16: There is no doubt that the Elite are poisoning children's minds with corrupted ideas( eg. Disney films)

Point #17: Westerners went to Arabia to learn the esoteric wisdom of Arabs. When they returned back to America, used the knowledge to takeover the country.

Point #18: The Dark Arts are no fun. They are meant to open portals to the lower dimensions.

Point #19: Being trapped in coffins prevent our spirits from ascending to the next level.

Point #20: Saddam Hussein was planning to build a stargate to align with Planet X. The reptilian overlords found out and decided to invade Iraq all in name in fighting terrorism.

Point #21: Obama and Michelle are believed to be the reincarnation of the Egyptian pharaohs. By November 11, 2010, they will lead the slaves to the 'promised lands'. The Tea Party operations has failed to restore the Constitutional Republic of America.

Point #22: Pyramids are actually organic cube. Wormholes to another dimension.

Point #23: Humans have a limited memory capacity. We do not know where we are from. Elitists have been lying to us from Day 1. Why do u think we have some much wars?

Point #24: 2012 is the completion of transition not some doomsday prophecy by some Elite mind. 2010 is the beginning of the shift, the end of the illusion. How you wonder why time seem to fly by quickly?

Point #25: Under Project Paperclip, Nazi scientists were imported into US. They worked with NASA and JPL to manufacture rockets to kill people.

Point #26: Television mind control is done by technological standpoint. With new digital networks, they will upgrade viewers DNA. Thus viewers will be dulled out by digital mental programming.

Point #27: Dr Mario from the Nintendo video games introduce children into taking psilocybin mushrooms.

Point #28: Hollywood has let us know that serpent is our ruler on this Earth plane. Have you noticed the symbolism of Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Point #29: Many people have confused spirituality with monetary prosperity. Consumption is the enemy of compassion; keep us from being human.

Point #30: 2010 is the year we make contact not 2012.

Point #31: To avoid delusion, know your relationship to the universe.

Point #32: Many New Age leaders such as Rael are into sexual expression rather not into mental and spiritual expression. Their doctrines based on sexual freedom feels good to them but does not feed the original desire of enhancement.

Point #33: The secret history of the Elite being betrayed by the Goddess who sold them out to the serpent. There is no extent of what really going or what kind of trouble that the Elites got us into because they kept their big mouths shut.

Point #34: The Annunaki damned us with the reptilian mind causing to think of survival, food, shelter and basic instinct. When it begins to deactivate, we think of art, feeling, creativity and expression.

Point #35: Falling asleep with the TV on allows low frequency subliminal messages to enter the subconscious mind. Makes you wonder why some many are clueless with reality today.

Point #36: Fuck with the Dome of the Rock, then America will see terrorism as never before by Muslims everywhere.

Point #37: Crop circles are creations by same hyperdimensional beings that plague our planet and continue to fool us with lies and their god-like technology.

Point #38: The incident between Michelle Malkin and Alex Jones has been staged to bring a new player to the Patriot Movement. Michelle is nothing more than a deceptive disinfo agent. 'Culture of Corruption' is their manifesto to discredit the liberals from achieving their Socialist Utopia.

Point #39: People of Atlantis understood the law of universal forces entity to carry messages through time and space.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Process of Change

'Awareness is wider and deeper than anyone had guessed; intention, more powerful. Clearly, humans beings have not begun to exploit their potential for change.' - Marilyn Ferguson

Ultimate Nature of Reality

The Physics of Consciousness

'Our normal waking consciousness is but one special type of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted from it by the flimsiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different...No account of the universe in its totality can be final which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite disregarded...They forbid a premature closing of our accounts with reality.' - William James

Consciousness and the Cosmos


Consciousness and Cultural Change

Reengineering society is a way of life. It is a never ending journey because the world keeps on changing. It is a very painful process to many that takes a considerable amount of time.


We are approaching another Dark Age. We need to use the wisdom of our minds to illuminate our future.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why today's racing games sux

When comparing the top 2 racing games of 2009, I discovered some similarities between them.



I do not like hard core racing simulations because they bore me. Neither arcade titles such as burnout and ridge racer. I like something between such as Project Gotham 4 and NFS Shift. You can start off by giving each a car realistic performance but exaggerate its handling to make it more playable and fun. Remember Test Drive 6, the developers made the cars too realistic and was unplayable.

Shift 2 Unleashed is a better simulator. [no excessive sliding, no excessive over steering, and realistic collisions] Realistic engine sounds make cars like the Honda Civic SI sound more like racing machine vs a whining piece of crap as preview in the 1st installment. VW Golf GTI still sound like a POS.

Simraceway.com gave 2 great reviews on 2 racing games, the underrated NFS Shift and Grid. They scored low points on the driving physics but got high points for their sim elements.
That is one of the main reasons I turn away from sim racing.

Update: The release of the 2010's remake of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit took on a new low in racing game genre. Don't you love it when uninspired game developers take the worst Need for Speed game and combine it with fancy graphics, effects and elements from another half decent game, Burnout Paradise. Then market it as a new game with the same name. How lazy can you get get?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Humanity is stuck in a rut

It wasn't until Sept 11 that I woke up and have to reeducate myself in how the world runs.
It was hard to reprogram yourself and discovering something against mainstream society.

I look forward to the new transitional period, world free of crime, poverty and war. It requires us not to be silent and bring forth action to overcome the demons that run amok in today's society.
We must not be entertain by trivial things such as sports and pornography. We must observe the world around us without the aid of television. We must use our minds to escape from mainstream media from poisoning us with its filth and garbage.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Lesson in History

I wish this oil flow continues for rest of the year. Let it damage marine life, and by that account, let it damage the lives of Americans too. You bastards have murdered more than 1.8 million innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and the murder of Palestinians and Lebanese by your Israeli masters. And you bastards are planning to expand these wars to Iran and more nations.
Let this oil flow ruin your livelihood, you environment, your economy, your nude beaches, etc. Let this disaster ruin your lives much worse than you bastards have done to others.

Not my exact words but it reflects my true feelings about the BP situation. This chap has a realistic view on life similar to George Carlin.

UPDATE: latest development on the BP disaster
"You could over pressurize and cause the pipe to explode, causing many leaks along the pipe," said Michio Kaku.

Like what George Carlin would say, I hope she blows.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Societal Decay

All of us, rich and poor, are at the decay of our society. We have stained our environment and misused our social systems to the point where society's continued existence is very much in doubt. The

continuing effects of global warming, overpopulated cities, growing hunger and poverty will tear apart the very foundation of civilization. Disorder and war such as the world has never seen will sweep across the face of this planet.

Then it will be too late to amend our ways. To late to heal ourselves. Our best in what our science and technology can offer us is lost in the bloodshed. No elements of society can be found. Society destroyed by human hands.

This is the reality we must avoid.. We must preserve society with our strength and wisdom against human nature- poverty, hunger, ignorance and despair.

We must try to win this war. If we do not, the end is at hand and legacy we pass on to our offsprings will be endless chaos and bloodshed.

New update: We are at the end of 2010, we are currently facing growing stockpile of nuclear weapons, racial intolerance and economic deprivation in addition to the above crises. If we are to survive as a species, then we must confront these issues. We cannot pin our hopes on superstitious speculation of our past ancestry.

Author's note: I reworded this essay in what Ben Bova had to say about our decay of society. The Venus Project proposed such solution to our problem at hand.