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Monday, November 15, 2010

Yesterday's Wisdom

I started to read older books.

Melissa Rossi does not cut it anymore...too many inaccuracies in her research.
Peter Joseph still got lots to learn about this world. But I admire his courage to take on the corrupted system.

The hypocrisy of Stephen Hawking ceases to amaze me. He calls UFOs the work of quakes and weirdos and then he cites the possibility of time travel and parallel universes another thing.

Good writers are popular in various countries. Be wary of writers that are not popular in certain countries. There are many writers today that tell you something but have a slick agenda that you find out later... which is too late.

Watch out for Steve Martini; his novels contain slick liberal agendas!

Writers that I like are:
Paul Erdman- telling it like it is; you know he went to jail for it.

George Carlin- his witty commentary on the nature of reality. His books are more insightful than his comedy acts.

Carl Sagan- his rational reasoning on everything. Like Sagan, Clive Cussler draws conclusion form ancient history; our ancestors are no dummies! Craig Dirgo, Jack Du Brul, and Dale Brown are good reads recommended by Clive Cussler.

Graham Hancock- does not go overboard when writing about ancient history. His Indiana Jones writing style inspire you to learn more about history.

Ursula K Le Guin- the immortal wisdom of her poetic writings. Her visionary is similar to of Ben Bova

Jacques Ellul discloses that all politicians are liars in 'Propaganda'
The true works of propaganda are from George Orwell and HG Wells.

One thing I like about older books is their low cost to read. You will either find them in your local library or used book store. When their copyright runs out, they are freely available to download at manybooks.net.  If we have another collapse, printed books will become very valuable.  Good reason to own hard copy of these books.

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