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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Reality of the NWO

To my opinion, there relies closer to the doomsday scenario of existence of black helicopter, strange war games and underground detention facilities. It also brings up the possibility of complex multilevel bureaucracy that follow secret agendas and contingency plans for disaster management. It sounds like a fascist coup d'etat which is frightening enough in itself.

We need to be on guard against the abuse of our civil rights by uncompassionate corporate elites that would sacrifice the many to preserve the few. Sadly these scum sucking parasites exploit the work of Tesla. They used his technology to manufacture beam generator weapons as revealed by Paul A Laviolette, a French astrophysicist. [Chapter 6 from 'Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion'] Lets look to see who are these corporate elites:

Northrup Aerospace
EADS(European Aeronautic Defense and Space)
French firm Thompson-CSF
and the possible 7 North America counterparts:
Boeing Aerospace
BAE Systems
Lockheed Martin
Booz Allen and Hamilton inc
and Jet Propulsion Laboratory
form the 10 principle "military" companies of the planet!

Before we jump to conclusion concerning NWO plans, we must weigh the facts in soberly light. Other words, world economies do not collapse because of them but a flaw in the system.


  1. Be on guard? Maybe it's a little late. We've been on a steady march to tyranny under a global corporate/financial elite for over a century.

    At various times the movement has been called "Communism," "Socialism," "Nazism," or "Fascism" depending on where people position themselves in the fictional political spectrum presented to us. Sometimes, just to confuse the issue, it is called "liberalism" or "conservatism."

    All have their roots in Hegelian philosophy that gives value to the human being only insofar as he is a member of a collective. The individual is the lowest form of human political development and the State is the highest.

    All the peoples of the earth are to be subjects (not citizens) of the almighty state. All of the most significant facets of these statist movements have been funded by the global elite or they would have died a long time ago. All people and all wealth is destined to be controlled by the elite.

    Rick aka PhreedomPhan

  2. Since Lockheed Martin is on your list, I thought you might find this interesting.

    While I was working as a contract Ind./Mfg. Engr. for Martin-Marietta, the Defense Department gave Lockheed and Martin $31 Million to merge to, of all things, reduce competition in the Aerospace Industry. Norm Augustini, (Council on Foreign Relations)the new chairman of the merged company, promptly gave himself an $8 Million bonus.

    The new corporation closed several plants and many people were let go. I was one of them.
    Later, I was called back to Lockheed Martin to finish the project we'd been working on.

    While there all employees were required to receive "Ethics" training. We were told this was required by both the federal government and Lockheed. We learned that it was unethical to steal a package of paperclips from the company. Not reporting a fellow employee who you saw steal a package of paperclips was also unethical. Stealing $31 Million from the taxpayers and taking a healthy cut from the top is apparently not unethical.

    The moral of the story is: If you're going to steal, steal big.


  3. That because defense contractors are not consider patriots of America but 'Yes Men' loyal to money