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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Signs of Indoctrination

1. Confusion- Teachers teach too many facts and not enough connections which show the large picture in how things work together.

2. Class position- Children are grouped into classes based on 'intelligence'(special needs, average, or gifted)

3. Indifference- Teachers demand that students get highly involved in a lesson for 50 minutes and when the bell rings, forget about it and go to the next class.

4. Emotional dependency- Teachers and higher authorities decide everything for students

5. Intellectual dependency- Teachers decide what will be taught and when and how it will be taught.

6. Provisional self-esteem- Students are constantly judged and evaluated.(another reason for the Columbine massacre)

7. Students have no private time or space.

Taken from 'Dumbing Us Down' by John Gatto

Keep in mind that Public schools mold human minds into submission to continued our system of exploitation and oppression.

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