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Friday, July 9, 2010

The Winners of Info War

When we are fooled into believing the battle over information is a battle over our reality, we have already lost the war. Television, radio, magazines and even this little blog are all one way distribution of content. We are just merely recipients of programming.

Interactive media such as computer games and most websites are simply simulation of free choice. The creator of such simulation is no longer present. Novels, music, movies and video games are all great storage media. The enduring values of many cultures passed down from generation to generation.

Communications is the science of influence. Mass communication is the study of how governments and corporations can manipulate their population- the so-called 'sheeple'. The tools they employ are rhetoric, the ancient art of mind control and propaganda, the modern science of control.

Characteristics of propaganda:
1) influence in how economy runs(gives the illusions of changing masters)
2) When individuals are caught in conflicting opinion, the latter choses the public opinion. This dictates in how a mass society works.

The development of advertising can be best understood by which marketers find ways to attack our sense of well-being. It quickly became about creating needs rather than fulfilling them. Commercials took form of coercive marketing scams. Television requires a passive captive audience to fall for its programming. A remote control allows escape from coercive advertising.
Unfortunately, advertisers developed a new set of coercive techniques, winking.
Winking is acknowledging that there's an idiot out there that will fall for our trick but not traditional advertising scams.

Cyberspace posed an even greater threat to culture's programmers. From the beginning, it was a true communication medium until intelligence contractors replace communication with disinformation. Youtube and other video sharing websites bought live newscast from the people to the world. Most of it is not censored in anyway. Those in power in our society work very hard to resist change. If we select our information with mouse clicks instead of a TV remote, then we have won the info wars.

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