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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why today's racing games sux

When comparing the top 2 racing games of 2009, I discovered some similarities between them.



I do not like hard core racing simulations because they bore me. Neither arcade titles such as burnout and ridge racer. I like something between such as Project Gotham 4 and NFS Shift. You can start off by giving each a car realistic performance but exaggerate its handling to make it more playable and fun. Remember Test Drive 6, the developers made the cars too realistic and was unplayable.

Shift 2 Unleashed is a better simulator. [no excessive sliding, no excessive over steering, and realistic collisions] Realistic engine sounds make cars like the Honda Civic SI sound more like racing machine vs a whining piece of crap as preview in the 1st installment. VW Golf GTI still sound like a POS.

Simraceway.com gave 2 great reviews on 2 racing games, the underrated NFS Shift and Grid. They scored low points on the driving physics but got high points for their sim elements.
That is one of the main reasons I turn away from sim racing.

Update: The release of the 2010's remake of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit took on a new low in racing game genre. Don't you love it when uninspired game developers take the worst Need for Speed game and combine it with fancy graphics, effects and elements from another half decent game, Burnout Paradise. Then market it as a new game with the same name. How lazy can you get get?

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