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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Points of the Matrix

Point #1: The entire universe is binary which gives us the possibility of parallel worlds. Our parallel selves exist on the other side until it merges with our true selves in 2012.

Point #2: The reptilian class considered themselves as a superior race and humans as a slave race. Noticed today how lucky some people are granted leadership ability but lack a compassion to others. In reality they are not human.

Point #3: There are other sentient life forms on Earth but we were blinded at birth to see them. We were trained to see only the 3rd dimension but not beyond.

Point #4: Many ancient tribes were explaining to Westerners that since the beginning of time we are located at the lower planes ruled by various Entities. According to Jordan Maxwell, someone is guiding your life and you do not even know about it.

Point #5: Throughout the centuries, Elitists have conceived a devious agenda planned for the rest of humanity. Who will face them?

Points #6: लेय्लिनेस अरे इन्विसिब्ले नेटवर्क ऑफ एनेर्ग्य ठाट लिंकेद तोगेथेर नेक्सुस पॉइंट्स ठाट मोवे कोन्स्किऔस्नेस्स बेत्वीन दिमेंसिओंस।

Point #7: This is not the first Golden Age but time of shift. The energy of the cosmos actually helps a person to find Higher Truth. Once the time passes by without enlightment, it will cycle again after death and partial memory loss. The last Golden Age was a time of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Point #8: Today's youth withstand heavy bombardment of mind control and degradation. They either become stronger or face early termination if the mental and physical poisoning of the Elite still continues.

Point #9: Politics is a sham. The elites continue to play it while the masses fall for it.

Point #10: When you wake up if you ever do, whole system collapses.

Point #11: Internet flicks such as Zietgeist and other youtube documentaries can inform modern soldiers of Elitist's internal plots and other black ops projects.

Point #12: We are a unique blend of diversities and religion keep us divided from sharing our perspective on life.

Point #13: Modern research tells us anyone on the left is insincere. Guess who is running the show now?

Point #14: Elitists are using rap music to destroy the mental and physical moral of a listener.

Point #15: Religion has warped believer's mind with absurdities and imbalance of fear.

Point #16: There is no doubt that the Elite are poisoning children's minds with corrupted ideas( eg. Disney films)

Point #17: Westerners went to Arabia to learn the esoteric wisdom of Arabs. When they returned back to America, used the knowledge to takeover the country.

Point #18: The Dark Arts are no fun. They are meant to open portals to the lower dimensions.

Point #19: Being trapped in coffins prevent our spirits from ascending to the next level.

Point #20: Saddam Hussein was planning to build a stargate to align with Planet X. The reptilian overlords found out and decided to invade Iraq all in name in fighting terrorism.

Point #21: Obama and Michelle are believed to be the reincarnation of the Egyptian pharaohs. By November 11, 2010, they will lead the slaves to the 'promised lands'. The Tea Party operations has failed to restore the Constitutional Republic of America.

Point #22: Pyramids are actually organic cube. Wormholes to another dimension.

Point #23: Humans have a limited memory capacity. We do not know where we are from. Elitists have been lying to us from Day 1. Why do u think we have some much wars?

Point #24: 2012 is the completion of transition not some doomsday prophecy by some Elite mind. 2010 is the beginning of the shift, the end of the illusion. How you wonder why time seem to fly by quickly?

Point #25: Under Project Paperclip, Nazi scientists were imported into US. They worked with NASA and JPL to manufacture rockets to kill people.

Point #26: Television mind control is done by technological standpoint. With new digital networks, they will upgrade viewers DNA. Thus viewers will be dulled out by digital mental programming.

Point #27: Dr Mario from the Nintendo video games introduce children into taking psilocybin mushrooms.

Point #28: Hollywood has let us know that serpent is our ruler on this Earth plane. Have you noticed the symbolism of Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Point #29: Many people have confused spirituality with monetary prosperity. Consumption is the enemy of compassion; keep us from being human.

Point #30: 2010 is the year we make contact not 2012.

Point #31: To avoid delusion, know your relationship to the universe.

Point #32: Many New Age leaders such as Rael are into sexual expression rather not into mental and spiritual expression. Their doctrines based on sexual freedom feels good to them but does not feed the original desire of enhancement.

Point #33: The secret history of the Elite being betrayed by the Goddess who sold them out to the serpent. There is no extent of what really going or what kind of trouble that the Elites got us into because they kept their big mouths shut.

Point #34: The Annunaki damned us with the reptilian mind causing to think of survival, food, shelter and basic instinct. When it begins to deactivate, we think of art, feeling, creativity and expression.

Point #35: Falling asleep with the TV on allows low frequency subliminal messages to enter the subconscious mind. Makes you wonder why some many are clueless with reality today.

Point #36: Fuck with the Dome of the Rock, then America will see terrorism as never before by Muslims everywhere.

Point #37: Crop circles are creations by same hyperdimensional beings that plague our planet and continue to fool us with lies and their god-like technology.

Point #38: The incident between Michelle Malkin and Alex Jones has been staged to bring a new player to the Patriot Movement. Michelle is nothing more than a deceptive disinfo agent. 'Culture of Corruption' is their manifesto to discredit the liberals from achieving their Socialist Utopia.

Point #39: People of Atlantis understood the law of universal forces entity to carry messages through time and space.

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