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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why the US is losing?

1) 'Today's global population is held hostage to the dynamics of political competition and political succession in an imperial republic.'- Walden Bello

2) 'Iraq is going to suck the oxygen out of everything.'- Colin Powell

Obviously, he knew that invading Iraq was a bad idea.

3) 'Historians will someday have to explain why the golden age of Western democracy, like the Age of Antoines, lasted only about 200 years.'- Richard Rorty

4)'Societies and regimes driven by ideas and objectives opposed to characteristically American ones will persist in the world and remain a source of international friction'- Steven Lambakis

5) Excessive pride in its military capability and its technology drain the United States economically as well as politically while trying to exploit Iraq's oil resources.

6) Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq cost the US $5 billion per month.
(Our wars are putting us deeper in debt)

US Hegemony is not sustained on the power of reason. In the case of Iraq, it was
based on propaganda trail of forgery, plariarism, and outright concoction that the media refused to question. The nation rebuilding was built on the foundation of
falsehood and fabrication. Few will believe any promises that the US hold up to the
light. Let's see how far the US will fulfill them.

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