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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why the Venus Project will not be our near future?

1) Today's society is slow to change.
2) Our society has strict social codes and boundaries.
3) Our society is fragmented and full of conflicts.
4)Great interests and social institutions that they have controlled the resources patrimony of the humanity. This in agreement with the wars, the hunger, the poverty, the slaughter by oil and territory. A group who criticized all radical change far from which we can imagine because it fears to them to the change. A powerful group in agreement with the equitable and little unjust establishment in which we lived all.
5) Americans are stupid and narrow-minded unlike our European counterpart who are open-minded.

The Venus Project is built on these principles:
1) A transformation or transition will bring about great change on a societal scale.
2) A transformed society will be based on unique cultural diversities not on monetary gain. We can achieve this goal by overcoming our prejudices and ignorance between one another.
3) People will come together to solve unique problems.

How do we ascend ourselves rather than impose our moral, religious, or philosophical beliefs on others when 3rd World Nations believe that our nation is a tyrant that oppress freedom?

'Man's social ingenuity, so barely won over so long a time and still so incomplete, has not yet
demonstrated a clear capacity for resolving the very dangers that social evolution has itself produced' - W. Moore "Social Change"

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