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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why Businesses are failing?

A favorite read by business consultants in Fortune 500 world is 'Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything'. It dictates that social media become a source of innovation, new products and improved services for a whole range of companies. It says companies need a strategy for harnessing this kind of human capital power.

The value of online networks have only promote information to individuals. The social entrepreneurship movement offers a new avenue for social change by conceiving organizations to run smoothly. Many organizations are run like welfare programs to be successful. Their flaw is client based not member participation which fails to empower people beyond their own employees.

There are 3 points that keep companies from being profitable:
1) Wealthy, powerful corporations use the rest of us like disposable toys covering up their crimes with pretty pictures, shiny surfaces, murder and dooming their own children to lives of slavery and whoredom.

2) The marketing and advertising industry continues its tireless work of populating our minds with absurd logos, concepts, lies, and cliches of universal capitalism.

3) Split up design engineers from the manufacturing personnel and you will end up with bad designs.(eg. Government Motors)

The solution is independent and open-source artform that can save us from the final chapter of world imperialism.

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