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Saturday, September 4, 2010

XP users are becoming bores

I started to noticed that Vista users are calling XP users bores. Come on, that operating system is 8 years old. It has so many vulnerabilities that the hackers know the operating system inside and out.

It is time to upgrade or move on to linux. For newbies out there, I would recommend you 2 distros: Ubuntu and Mepis 8.5. Both are free and have low system requirements if current system cannot run Vista or Windows 7.

Ubuntu is open source windows. It incorporates a lot of automated process to make your linux experience easier without touching the terminal display. Mepis 8.5 interface is similar to Vista without the bloatware. Mephis can run on 200 mb of ram vs half a gig for vista. Mephis includes all the multimedia codecs in its distro unlike Ubuntu.

Both include help documentation within the operating system just like Windows.
If you need additional help, then go to their own online forum. Do not use google for linux support because they are both unique distro in their own way.

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