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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Invisible Empire decoded

6 months ago, I was browsing at a used bookstore and came across a book that revealed a shocking secret.

The goals of financial capitalism was to create a world system to dominate each country and economy as a whole to a small group of elite men and women. I was shocked in what I read. I wished that it was fiction. The reality is that we are heading for World War III and global slavery.

The apathy and indifference of the American people to the suffering, torture, misery, bondage, and death of millions and millions of Muslims worldwide and may be the greatest tragedy to come.

It is very obvious that the US destroys other cultures and blames it other Western countries. Are we in a state of decay or transitioning to another level wiping out the oldest culture from the face of this planet? When the White Man came to this North American continent, they nearly wiped out the Indians and Spanish. Now American imperialism is doing the same to Muslims in their lands.

When one society assimilates another society, their culture is shattered and cannot form a functioning society due to lack of ideology and spiritual cohesive. Spreading democracy to Middle Eastern countries was the biggest mistake that the US made. Instead of reinforcing American values, they(Muslim countries) undermine them. We should learn to embrace some of the principles of Islam for peaceful coexistence.

'the real cause, the effective one, that makes men lose power is that they have become unworthy to exercise it.' -de Tocqueville 1970[1893]

'The core claim, on which Kennedy's argument hinges, is that if too large a proportion of the state's resources is diverted from wealth creation and allocated instead to military purposes, then that is likely to lead to a weakening of national power over the long term'
-Kennedy 1987, p.xvi

'The logic of the overstretch hypothesis is that as a nation's moneys are unproductively spent for military purposes instead of being ploughed into productive investments, its economy will be starved of new capital and it efficiency and productivity will erode.'

'The paths of evolution of the ascending states become blueprints for progress which other states sought to recapture.'

'the key to the rise of great powers-and to the establishment of world orders-still lies in the moral influence which the pre-eminent state exerts on other great powers.'

'a state would have to found and protect a world order that was universal in conception, not an order directly expressing the interests of one state but an order that most other states could find compatible with their interests given their different levels of power and lesser abilities to change that order. The less powerful states could live with the order even if they could not change it.' -Cox 1982 p.45

Other words, the state does not express the interests of any particular class; rather the greater interests of all of society.

The art of propaganda has always been a necessary skills of political leaders to exercise over international public opinion. Former CIA officer John Stockwell asserts that the federal government not only uses foreign crises to divert attention from domestic woes but creates new ones to reinforce its legitimacy.(eg. the Muslim bogeyman, Al Qaeda)
[see Winners of the Info War for more details]

An excellent book on the reality of the New World Order:


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