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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Analysis of Alex Jones' interview with Peter Joseph

While I was listening this interview unfold between these two people, I noticed that Alex Jones defends himself with his religious beliefs in how the world ought to be. Guess what? It is not going to happen. You have to find the root cause of it. It also seems to me that Alex Jones read too many dark science fiction stories to doubt the Venus Project's goals.

Towards the middle of the interview, both seems to find a common ground. They both know there is something wrong with this world. People need to wake up to make positive changes to this world, not rely too much on the Obama nonsenses. The world is filled with too much corruption and the education system is a joke. The Elites will lie to say our current system is working.

Possible solution: Technology is our savior. Need to use the scientific method to better our lives. There is really no proof that technology can really benefits us.(eg. hi-tech weaponry and meaningless entertainment)

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