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Monday, May 9, 2011

Recommendations from Borderland

Chapter 6- Our History
Fills in the gaps in what is in store for all of us. This planet has went through so many
ends...it is not even funny. We are at the end of the 5th cycle. No wonder this planet
and its people are acting crazy....we just die and be reborn....

Chapter 7 - Drunvalo
'The Chinese and Mayans predicted that Pluto, planet of Death would collide with the Galactic Center bring forth unparalleled change.' - LA Banks pg 240 "The Shadows"

Chapter 9 - Right Eye of Horus reveals there is a 4th dimension out there
Chapter 10 - Left Eye of Horus tells us not to fear the unknown
Chapter 11 - Hall of Records
- preserved ancient knowledge in the form of encoded quartz crystals(stored on many different dimensional levels)

Chapter 13 - The Philadelphia Experiment
A hole in the space-time created a huge vortex in the 4th dimension which means that
the entire planet could be destroyed.

Chapter 15 - Secret Government
- 'Russians are ex-KGB assassins, drug pushers and terrorists are good people who have been misunderstood, Litvinenko was loyal servant of the State who became disillusioned with the corruption of ex-KGB assassins, and Bilderberg is an informal meeting of private citizens concerned for the welfare of the world.'

Chapter 16 - End of the World prophecies
'We all have a past. We all have a present. But not all of us have a future.'
- Carolyn Haines

Chapter 17 - What usually happens
Only a billion and half people will make the shift. When it happens, synthetic things will start to disappear and you will start to see "things".

Chapter 18 - Breath of Life
व्हेन यू फ़ैल अत थिस लाइफ, थें कांसन्त्रते हाउ यू विल एक्स्सल्ल इन थे नेक्स्ट ओने व्हेन यू गो थ्रौघ थे रेबिर्थिंग प्रोसेस.

Chapter 19 - Your Soul is Light and You are ఇమ్మొర్తల్
'ది వరల్డ్ తుర్న్స్ కౌంటర్-క్లోక్విసే
ది ఫ్లెష్ బెగిన్స్ తో డై....
తాకే అస్ తో జర్నీ ఇంతో ది స్పిరిట్ వరల్డ్!'
Immortality is about retaining your memory when your consciousness leaves
your body.

Chapter 20 - Rebirth: Left Eye of Horus
Avoid being emotionally manipulated by people, stay away from positive thinking books.

Chapter 21 - Healing
Thoughts can heal. Favorite track to listen to is 'Binary Neuronaut' by Infinity Project.

Chapter 23 - Finish Line
ರೆಕಾನ್ನೆಕ್ಟಿಂಗ್ ವಿಥ್ ಲೋವೆರ್ ಸೆಲ್ಫ್ ಇಸ್ ರೆದಿಸ್ಕಾವೆರಿಂಗ್
ಯುವರ್ ಯೌಂಗೆರ್ ಸೆಲ್ಫ್. ಇಫ್ ಬಇಂಗ್ ಜೋಬ್ಲೆಸ್ಸ್ ಇಸ್ ಯುವರ್ ದೆಸಿರೆ, ಸೊ ಬಿ ಇಟ್!

Chapter 24 - Summary
On level 1, it means the female will have her turn to lead humanity into the Light(2012-13)
Since '72 Sirian intervention, events have passed giving us a gentler ride for the 5th time.

Taken from "Nothing is Exactly How Things Are" by Robert Frissel
* So many green flags revealed in "Technology of the God"

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