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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why do today's rally games sux?

The latest review on Dirt 3 revealed that some of the newest features will be classic rally cars. Guess what, that is old news! It is already available in Forza 3 Legend download. You can buy Forza 3 for $30 everywhere where video games are available.

The sneak preview of Dirt 3 also revealed the Finland track. It sorts of reminds me of the Australian landscape. Is our planet turning into a dirtball?

At least there are some good alternatives. The remake of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit that I prematurely blog badly about in another blog. By combining elements from the burnout series, they added life to this dying cops and racers game. You can play dirty by taking down other racers as well as the heat. To unlock new levels, you must win a gold medal in that challenge!

For PC gamers, Sega Rally is pretty challenging with it realistic traction on different road surfaces.

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