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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rules for Umbra

1) Go underground

2) Trust no authorities

3) Iodine-124 is in the water. It can track us from surveillance satellites. Drinking soda can counteract the signals.

4) Money is the means. It is better that you don't have much. Stay on the fringe of society.

5) Pripyat- reveals what the world would look like if we all just disappeared one day.

6) vanish like a ghost- no bank account, etc.

7) can't save everyone

8) Anyone moving around in the open within 10-15 miles of town will be stopped and questioned

9) Private access to the archive at the FCPL if you donate to their cause

10) left in this world is free for the taking

11) Exotic resources available at Borderland

12) Your future self knows your best इन्तेरेस्ट्स

१३) पोमेग्रंते विने विल एनाबले ओउर थौघ्ट्स, इंस्पिरे एंड इल्लुमिनाते ओउर मिन्ड्स

एंड हेल्प उस तो एस्कापे फ्रॉम ओउर दिफ़्फ़िकुल्तिएस

१४) थे स्कोपे ऑफ ओउर फर्मकोपोएइअ हस बीन विदें बी इन्तेर्प्लानेतारी

एक्ष्प्लोरतिओन। - क.स्मिथ

१५) क&व बूक्स्तोरे स्तोच्केद उप ओं रारे एंड एक्सोटिक बुक्स बुत

थे अरे ओवेर्प्रिसद। (लोकातेद इन चंतिल्ली,व)

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