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Saturday, April 22, 2017

goals of the Venus Project

This has nothing to do with those who want to form an elite world order with themselves and large corporations in control and the rest of the world subservient to them. On the contrary, a global Resource-Based Economy enables all people to reach their highest potential where they can thrive and grow in a society that works in their behalf a society that protects and preserves the environment as well. 
One that understands that we are part of nature, not separate from it." ~ Roxanne Meadows, "Paradise or Oblivion."

"Some question what would happen to incentive if needs were met without our having to work to attain them.
The question assumes humans have no desires beyond basic needs. If that were true, there would be no inventors, writers or teachers. People work with passion on the things that interest and challenge them. Let's enable all people to have the opportunity to partake in the greatest challenge one can have: improving our world for everyone." ~ Paradis or Oblivion

"It [The Venus Project] does not call for uniformity. It absolutely calls for diversity. the more diverse people are, the more individuality. So we emphasize individuality, creativity and innovativeness. This is the essentials of the design. It is not a group of scientists telling people what to do, How to live, where to go, what to follow." ~ Jacque Fresco, "Paradise or Oblivion"

"Motivation and incentive exist when people have meaningful tasks. True growth and development occur when people are involved in creative challenging and constructive endeavors. However, motivation and incentive die in the daily grind of boring and repetitive jobs required to earn a paycheck." ~ Paradise or Oblivion

"One of the main aspects of The Venus Project is to eliminate scarcity; this is where the technology comes into play. Because if we set up a Resource-Based Economy and some things are scarce, it won't work. If you set up a Resource-Based Economy in a society that has no resources, it won't work. Today with our technology we can make things available we can eliminate scarcity, we can create an abundance. As long as we can create that abundance, that will eliminate greed selfishness and a lot of crime and a lot of aberrant behavior." ~ Roxanne Meadows, "Paradise or Oblivion."

"If you hand out things to people, if you fed them, clothed them and housed them for free they're not going to work in the morning because they don't need it. They've got their housing, clothing, motion pictures and entertainment. Why go to work? Work is painful, it's monotonous, it's boring. In the future, if people have access to all their needs but they don't have any challenges, this is where it goes to pot. So people constantly [will be] challenged by new things. In our schools we challenge them with many things that are not solved and there are many unresolved problems. If you are well fed and well clothed, that doesn't stop your brain from working. That would mean that every millionaire does nothing, it's turned off because you've got all the means. That's not true. There are many millionaires that work 18 hours a day and don't have enough time. It has to do with your background and your education. The more you know about oceanography, astronomy, etc. the more interested, the more alive you are. If you're just given food, clothing and shelter, now you can go to work. You don't have to worry about making a living and your incentive would be boosted considerably. I call that a new and innovative incentive system. Not monetary oriented, it's problem-solving oriented. You get your kicks out of seeing the world become a better place." ~ Jacque Fresco, "Paradise or Oblivion."

"It's not my opinion or the opinion of anyone else that would be used. It's the size of the population, the availability of resources
the carrying capacity of the Earth, that determines what is done and how fast things move. Today it's done on a totally different basis but in the future it will all be based on a form of dynamic equilibrium. That means operating everything at the highest potential without environmental neglect." ~ Jacque Fresco, "Paradise or Oblivion."

"In this highly technical society, decisions are based on direct environmental human and industrial feedback. You can think of this as electrical sensors throughout the entire environment from cities, factories, warehouses, distribution centers, transportation networks all over the globe gathering data for more appropriate decisions. The decisions are based on the needs of society
rather than corporate or private interests." ~ Roxanne Meadows, "Paradise or Oblivion"

"The notion that intelligent overall planning implies mass uniformity is absurd. Cities would be uniform only to the degree
that they would require far less materials, save time and energy and be flexible enough to allow for innovative changes
while preserving the local ecology." ~ Narrated quote from "Paradise or Oblivion."

"Really, people don't want money; They want access to things when they want it. People in a society of abundance, having access to things will really no longer begin to store and accumulate things. We recycle it, update it and make it better. Take the same materials of an old car; [they] weigh just as much as a new car, so there are no old cars. Old cars mean danger. If you drive a very expensive car and somebody else drives a beat-up old car if their brakes fail, you may die. We don't want any old cars on the highway; We don't want anything that breaks down. We don't want anything that takes looking after." ~ Jacque Fresco, "Paradise or Oblivion."

"There's no way of making this system just. We have to make a system that assures human rights. When everybody has free access to good and services you don't have to fight for women's rights or black rights; It's automatic in a society that's set up that way" ~ Roxanne Meadows, "Paradise or Oblivion."

"When we unleash science and technology directly into the social system without the restrictions of the market place, finances or patents we could achieve a very high standard of living within a very short period of time. This society would continuously improve
changing rapidly through new technologies, inventions and ideas. It would be an emergent society rather than an established one like we have today." ~ Roxanne Meadows, "Paradise or Oblivion."

"A Resource-Based Economy would not only change our environment to make it clean, efficient and enjoyable but it would introduce a new value system appropriate to the direction and aims of the new innovative approach. With education and resources made available there would be no limit to the human potential. Everyone will have the freedom to pursue whatever constructive field of endeavor he or she chooses without the economic limitations that we face today." ~ Narrated quote from "Paradise or Oblivion."

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