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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Secrets of the Empire

Identifying and neutralizing the opposition is sound political strategy

Run up the national economy with meaningless projects that did no more burden the future generations

Our educational system turning 'bright' minds into 'zombies'.
[Nobody knows how to to do anything productive]

Governments keep secrets to perpetuate their power.

Governments cover up their agendas. They either:
a) Government officials take off to other countries where they stashed money.
b) Government bureaucrats call in favor from other countries and get the hell out
c) Low level parasites try to bride the people with benefits if they fear retribution from them.
[Most of the time, it does not work because the majority are not that stupid.
Sadly, it is not the case for the US]

Confuse people with conflicting goals

Patriotism encourages imperialism behavior of an Empire.
[Flying flags promote racism]

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